my games


Learn and explore the combination of primary and secondary colors in this puzzle game. Made using PuzzleScript.


A minimalistic endless runner in which you alternate between light and darkness, switching between perspectives at every turn. Made in ActionScript 3.0 using Flixel. Music by Chris Zabriskie.


Defend the core from pelting circles! An abstract, rotational action game. Made in ActionScript 3.0 using Flixel. Music by Nutcase Nightmare.

Snake Pong

Snake meets Pong! Made in ActionScript 3.0 using Flixel.


Match-3 game with a twist. Made in Lua using LÖVE. Music by stratkat.


Guiding Light

An atmospheric 2D platformer in which the firefly is your only light source, and you must protect it. I had a ton of fun as the game designer for this project!
Made during a two day game jam using Unity as part of GIP 2014.

Swing It!

A grappling hook platform game made in Unity. I designed one of the levels in it!

creative writing

Smith — Chapter 1
A tale about a father and daughter set in a medieval fantasy world.

The Rusty Tap
A digital comic set in a world of robots. Story and layout by me. Art by Alan Choong.

Just a poem.

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