#GameAWeek - Robot (Week 9)


I love typing quickly, and I had an idea of controlling a robot through tying terminal commands. I also love vim, and I thought the ability to chain different commands like “left 3 down laser on” would be pretty cool.

What went well

  • Mangaged to get the tilemap working without too much trouble.

What went wrong

  • Didn’t manage to make a proper game out of the idea.
  • I think the scope of the idea was a little too ambitious.
  • Didn’t manage to figure out how to disable diagonal movement for pathfinding.

What I learned

  • I just thought the idea of rapidly issuing commands in a terminal like manner would be fun. But perhaps for movement it seems a little too convoluted; I’m complicating what could have be achieved with the usual arrow keys.
  • I was pretty discouraged by the failure this week. When I watched this video by Raph Koster, he reminded me that when you’re trying to do innovative things, you’ll probably fail quite a lot. Hold on to these failures, and they could serve as a connection to something else in the future and spark off new ideas.


I find myself yearning to start a longer project. To really have time to work on the structure of code, and proper design decisions. GameAWeek so far has been a series of rushed decisions.

I really should focus on smaller ideas. I don’t have much time to flesh out larger ideas in a week, and I end up feeling frustrated with the end result.


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