#GameAWeek - Application (Week 8)

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This week I wanted to try my hand at a text game. Specifically I wanted to make a text game with the sort of cyberpunk hacker feel.

I started with this idea of a human trying to convince an AI that it’s human. Kind of like a reversed VK test from Blade Runner. Or a Turing test of some sort.

What went well

  • Had things running on screen on Tuesday
  • I’ve had a lot of trouble getting text input to work in the past. Now that I finally got it working I can use it for future games.

What went wrong

  • Didn’t get much done after Tuesday
  • Didn’t finish the game by Sunday night, or even Monday morning
  • Initially I had a bigger scope in mind, with file navigation system and the AI was actually someone’s consciousness uploaded into the system. I struggled to try and convey that in a non-cliche way.

What I learnt

  • I probably need a better system to handle branching dialogue.
  • A game can be interesting even if the choices aren’t meaningful in the usual sense?


I think this week’s game is quite a departure from everything I’ve done so far, and that’s pretty refreshing from a creative point of view. A palate cleanser of sorts.


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