#GameAWeek - Chocolate (Week 7)

Play Chocolate


I was kind of inspired by the bump cube this week. The bump cube is a variant of the Rubik’s cube, in which the tiles are of different sizes. There’s no need for colored stickers in a bump cube; you solve it according to the size of tiles. It looks so crazy when scrambled, and that’s kind of amazing.

(I actually do own one.)

What went well

  • Coding felt easier this week. That may have been because of the scope of the game, but I do feel I’m getting better at writing reusable chunks of code.
  • Posted the game on Sunday night.
  • Feedback seems more positive than I had anticipated.

What went wrong

  • The rules of the game still feel a little convoluted to me. I’m surprised people got as far as they did.
  • Could’ve spent more time developing more interesting levels, or tuning the level progression. But I didn’t because I didn’t feel very excited about this game.

What I learned

  • The original rules were much more restrictive. Rules are rules, but those which are too frustrating should probably be removed. Otherwise it’s like banging your head no matter which direction you choose.
  • This week I tried to start with only an idea for a toy, not a game. It was interesting to just start playing with something and see where it took me. It’s sort of risky, because you may end up with nothing interesting.


I feel like I need to make something radically different from what I’ve been making thus far. This week I finished reading the Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss (the Name of the Wind and the Wise Man’s Fear). It’s an odd little book that shouldn’t work and yet does.

It’s wonderful and inspiring.


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