#GameAWeek - Combat (Week 6)

Play Combat


Turn based combat systems in games like Pokémon tend to get very mechanical after awhile, at least to me. Leveling up in most RPGs is often just an increase in number. I wanted to try make something which provides a more interesting and meaningful reward.

Inspired by Child of Light and this canceled game by Terry Cavanagh, I wanted to try something with a sliding bar mechanism.

What went well

  • I was quite excited by the idea when I finally came up with it. I think there could be some interesting in there.
  • A combat system is quite modular, and I could potentially reuse this in a future RPG or roguelike.

What went wrong

  • Started too late as usual.
  • The final product is barely a game, and there were lots of half-assed workarounds in there.
  • I feel like what I ended up with doesn’t demonstrate sufficiently what I had in mind.
  • There were thoughts of giving up for the week, and quitting #GameAWeek all together. It’s really quite consuming, and not just in terms of time.

What I learned

  • I think I may have too much going on screen for the player to absorb.
  • Play time per level feels a little too short?
  • These last minute late night pushes are not sustainable. I’ve been developing really bad headaches I think as a result of lack of sleep.


I think I’d like to continue this #GameAWeek challenge for another 6 more weeks at least, and then re-evaluate if I should continue with it or start a new project.


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