#GameAWeek - Plod! (Week 5)

Play Plod!


I’ve always had a thing for one button games since Flappy Bird. Jupiter Jump was another great one button game. I wanted to try making my own.

What went well

  • I definitely felt less stressed out this week and ideas seemed to come more easily. This was huge.
  • I quite enjoyed the final product this week. More so than the games from the previous two weeks.

What went wrong

  • I had wanted to make a small RPG which teaches players Morse code. There doesn’t seem to be a dictionary data structure or a spell checker library, and I just gave up on the idea on Thursday night.
  • Making a simple game like Plod! was well within my comfort zone, and I felt like I took the easy way out.
  • As usual, I probably could’ve explored the concept a little further, but didn’t due to time constraints and laziness.
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth came out this week, and that’s a productivity killer if there ever was one.

What I learned

  • Don’t have two things that do the same thing. Initially I set up the controls such that when you held down Spacebar, your circle would stop and expand until you released it. I thought it might add some interesting tension. (You can stop, but as you grow you’re more likely to get hit.) In the end I realized that players could achieve a similar stopping effect by simply changing directions repeatedly.
  • There’s quite a lot you can do with just a single button. But sometimes it may be hard for the player to remember all of them.


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