#GameAWeek - Repel (Week 4)

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I used to play chess competitively in school. One variant which I particularly enjoyed was speed chess. I wanted to try and capture that sense of quick thinking.

I also wanted something with the simplicity of checkers or Go, for both technical and aesthetic reasons.

What went well

  • Things didn’t seem like they were going anywhere, but somehow I managed to scrape together a game.
  • Made my first AI player ever.
  • During the weekend I was worried this week was gonna end up like the previous week. While not perfect, I think it’s an improvement.

What went wrong

  • I said in the previous post that I wanted to get something moving on the screen by Monday, but I didn’t write my first line of code until Thursday night. And even then it was just a couple of lines to draw out the grid.
  • Didn’t have much time to tweak the AI.
  • I changed the winning condition at 11pm on Sunday night. (The initial winning condition was to push as many pawns off the grid as possible.)
  • Cheated a little by putting in an extra hour and a half on Monday morning.

What I learned

  • Follow the initial idea, and see where it leads you. Don’t be too worried about not making the game you set out to make.
  • Speed chess is probably only fun when you are are familiar with the basic game.
  • Not every week is going to be a home run. Putting too much pressure on myself is probably counterproductive.


Even with all the self-imposed pressure, late nights, and frustration from lack of ideas, this is still fun!


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