#GameAWeek - Chests (Week 3)


I started the week with the goal of making a game that was a “contained experience”. Something with an ending, unlike most of the score-chasing games I’ve been making.

Not sure how I came up with the idea, but I thought a game about a guy carrying a chest would be interesting. There were a few routes I could’ve taken with the idea:

  • The idea of greed. You could carry more chests, but it would slow you down and you wouldn’t be able to jump as high.
  • I thought it might be cool if halfway through the game, you found the key to the chest, and you could decide if you wanted to unlock it.
  • A sidescroller shooter in which you had to transport and protect a chest. You can’t shoot while carrying the chest, and the chest must survive.

What went well

  • Finally figured out how to work with tilemaps.
  • Picking up and flinging chests around felt quite fun.

What went wrong

  • Failed to make a proper game.
  • I’m still struggling with the ideation phase.
  • Kind of got stuck and just gave up.

What I learned

  • I started the week with a goal, and I really tried to adhere to it. I felt like it helped focus my efforts a little, but at the same time it felt a little restrictive? I think I should try it for another week, and then re-evaluate the approach.
  • I think having a strong start would be a great boost. My target for Week 4 will be to have something moving on the screen by Monday.
  • Don’t waste too much time trying to make things look pretty.


I’m still trying to figure out my processes for ideation and design, and that’s really the whole point of #GameAWeek for me.

Failure is only purposeful if you learn from it.


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