#GameAWeek - Wrapped in Space (Week 1)

tl;dr Here’s the game: Wrapped in Space


Okay, so I’ve been meaning to do this #GameAWeek challenge for ages, ever since I read this inspiring post by Rami Ismail. In particular, I really enjoyed this anecdote he brings up:

An old pottery school asked students to create vases, and the teacher split the group up in two groups. One group was allowed to work on thinking up and creating one perfect vase for each semester, and the other group could only work on a vase for a week at most before destroying it. At the end of the year, they compared the vases created by both groups and found the vases made by the group that made a vase a week much more refined, stable and aesthetically pleasing.

Just in case you didn’t feel like reading the article, here are the “rules” of #GameAWeek:

  • Make a game every week. (Duh.)
  • Release the game every week.
  • Do not revisit a game.
  • Try and avoid patterns in your work.
  • Reflect.


I had started out with an idea for a single button sidescroller, but eventually abandoned it after three days of trying to get the tilemap working.

I then decided to make instead an Asteroids-like game, since I had Kenney’s artwork for it. The core idea was having a consistent world in which every game object would wrap around the screen, including the bullets you shot out from your spaceship.


  • It’s really quite hard to get much done after work on weekdays, especially when I’m still learning a framework. By the time I figure out a solution to my problem, it would usually be bedtime already.

  • I really liked how the random “death messages” turned out, and I’m glad I decided to hack it together at the end for the fun of it. I’m not entirely sure but I’d to think that it gives players something fresh to look forward in between games. I think a good mix between random funny statements and statements that hint at a broader backstory could be pretty interesting. If you’ve tried the game, let me know what you think about this feature in the comments? I’m curious.

  • Working with text is quite fun. I’ve always liked writing. Perhaps I’ll make a text game soon!

What Went Well

  • Managed to make a game!
  • HaxeFlixel is fun and great for quickly putting together a game.
  • Got myself some fancy Vim plugins!
  • Felt really motivated with a hard deadline, especially on Saturday.

What Didn’t Go So Well

  • Switched concepts halfway through. (Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing?)
  • Could have tried something a little more out of my comfort zone.
  • The code is a mess. Maybe I should start posting the source code to Github for more accountability?


It’s been quite long since I actually completed a personal project. There are a handful of small prototypes just sitting there, and I’m not really sure what to do with them.

Finishing something really is dope. Join me?

Play Wrapped in Space.

p.s. I do apologize for the horrendous formatting of this post. Time is precious. Gotta go start on this week’s game.