DevLog #2 - Slow Going

Hello! I’m back for an update!


Alright things have been pretty slow-moving, as they often are at the start. Ideas are still brewing, and in this case, I’m struggling with the new tools. Specifically, there seems to be some strange bug with 2D colliders in Unity. Others seem to have experienced similar problems.

Aside from that, I spent quite a lot of time just ironing out the interactions with ladders. It’s quite tricky really, but I’m glad it’s working now.

Game Idea

So as mentioned in the earlier post, I’m just sort of building small components of the game and seeing where that takes me. It’s pretty fun, just playing with them and exploring the possibilities.

I think I’m gonna continue building the world vertically upwards. Like Doodle Jump or Tiny Tower, but with more platforming and obstacles. I want to keep the project small, so maybe I’ll have the player backtrack all the way down once he reaches the top. But the journey back must provide a different experience for the player, like in the ending of Braid.

I think that something like that would be interesting.


  • Fixed ladder interaction
  • Improved workflow by generating 2D box colliders automatically when importing from Tiled. Had help from this link.
  • Add cannon which fires fireballs
  • Add moving platform
  • Add death and respawn elements

Final Thoughts

I’m trying to write code that is more reusable; it’s one of those things that I would really like to improve on. For instance, the same script used to control the moving horizontal platform can be reused for vertical platforms as well. Same goes for the script firing fireballs from the cannon; I’m probably going to use the same script for having the lava spout fireballs vertically too.

Till next time!