Perloo and Art Games

Perloo is an iOS puzzle game, and it is a gem. There are no save points in Perloo. Sit down, shut the world out, and play through it.

No, wait. Play with it. It took me about twenty minutes to complete, and in that time I was a child again.

I am tempted to label it as an experimental art game but such arbitrary categorization seems moot; games like this simply are. They are deeply personal expressions, clothed in the form of a game. Typically in such games we detect unmistakable hints of the author’s intent. Paradoxically, this intent is often peripheral and yet pervasive within the game. It is whimsical and seldom explicit, dancing teasingly just barely beyond our vision, like ghostly grey dots on a Hermann grid illusion…

I tend to think of art in general as an expression of its author’s intention. This expression is what is then exposed to interpretation by others. We often feel like there ought to be a “correct” interpretation, but art is personal, not only to the author and but also to its audience. Perhaps the essence of a piece of work lies not in what the author meant, but in what it means to you.

Because each personal interpertation is special, private, even sacred.

It is a gift, a secret, and a mirror.